Netflix’s One Piece Season 2: Release date, Plot details and Cast revealed

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece Season 1 received a fantastic response from fans and critics. Netflix’s live-action of One Piece made its debut on August 30, achieving something that many thought was extremely challenging. One Piece is known for being one of the longest-running manga and anime series ever, which makes adapting it a daunting job. It’s considered one of the best anime/manga adaptations ever made. The first season mainly focused on the East Blue Saga, where Monkey D. Luffy, played by Iñaki Godoy, forms an epic pirate crew to find the One Piece treasure. Netflix has officially announced One Piece Season 2 with a hint of chopper in new series.

Netflix hasn’t always done a great job when it comes to turning anime into live-action shows. Yet, the live-action One Piece show has surprised everyone with its success. It’s been smashing Netflix’s viewership records and got an impressive 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Both long-time fans of One Piece and people new to the series have been loving it, which is pretty amazing.

What’s even more exciting is that Season 1 introduced many important story elements and characters that set the stage for future seasons. So, while we’re waiting for the official news, it’s clear that there’s a lot more pirate adventure to come in the world of One Piece.

‘One Piece’ Netflix Live-Action Series: All episodes Watch Now

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Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 is set to Release in year 2025

Marty Adelstein, the CEO of Tomorrow Studios, which works on the live-action “One Piece” series with manga creator Eiichiro Oda and publisher Shueisha, mentioned that they have scripts ready for a second season. However, they can’t start making it until the strike involving SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP is resolved. But once the issue is solved, they believe One piece Season 2 could come out as soon as next year.

Since July 14, 2023, there’s been an ongoing strike by the American actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). They’re on strike because they’re having a disagreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) about labor-related issues.

In a practical scenario, and if everything goes smoothly, we might see Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 in about a year. However, it could take a bit longer, maybe around a 12 to 18 months, to get everything ready for release, according to Clements. So, we can figure out that Netflix’s Live action of One piece season 2 will be released at the end of 2024 or start of 2025. There hasn’t been an official confirmation for a second season of the One Piece live-action series yet. Lets just hope the dispute between those parties gets solved and production work of One piece live action season 2 starts as soon as possible.

Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ season 2 plot details revealed

Season 2 will likely be exploring the Arabasta Saga

If Netflix’s One Piece sticks to the original anime and manga storyline, Season 2 might delve into the Arabasta Saga. In this part of the story, Luffy and his crew venture into the Grand Line and get involved in helping a princess reclaim her homeland. The main antagonists here are a secretive criminal group called Baroque Works, which we actually got a glimpse of in Season 1.

In the live-action adaptation, Roronoa Zoro, the skilled swordsman, encounters a Baroque Works assassin named Mr. 7 during a meditation session. They have a showdown, and Zoro defeats Mr. 7. This particular encounter isn’t in the anime but helps explain how Zoro becomes aware of Baroque Works before the Arabasta Saga.

Baroque Works has a ranking system for its male agents, numbered from 0 to 13, with 0 being the highest rank. They usually work in pairs, one male and one female, but Mr. 7 tried to recruit Zoro alone. Mr. 0 plays a significant role in the Arabasta Saga, so it’s likely we’ll see more of this organization’s hierarchy and their plans in Season 2.

Buggy and Alvida Team Up For Revenge

One of the standout characters in Netflix’s One Piece is Captain Buggy the Clown, played by Jeff Ward. He has a more prominent role in the live-action series during the East Blue arc compared to the anime. However, Buggy’s character will come back for revenge in the Lougetown Arc. But before that, he forms an alliance with another villain we met earlier in the story.

The first pirate captain Luffy defeats in One Piece is Captain Alvida, played by Ilia Isorelýs Paulino. She sees herself as the ultimate pirate captain. In the anime, Alvida discovers a special fruit called the Smooth-Smooth Fruit after her battle with Luffy. This fruit transforms her appearance and gives her incredibly smooth skin that repels projectiles.

Buggy and Alvida both share the experience of being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, which creates a connection between them. They decide to team up and seek revenge on Monkey D. Luffy. With their new Devil Fruit powers, they aim to take down Luffy even before he reaches the Grand Line. The One Piece series hints at their alliance, but it doesn’t confirm whether Alvida has acquired the Smooth-Smooth Fruit yet.

Smoker is Ready To Hunt the Straw Hats

Netflix’s One Piece Season 1 ends with a teaser before the credits, introducing a well-known One Piece antagonist. In this scene, we see a man with spiky hair in a smoky room, setting fire to Luffy’s new wanted poster with his cigar. The distinct look, including bleached hair, two cigars, and the smoky atmosphere, unmistakably identifies him as Captain Smoker.

Captain Smoker is the leader of the Marine forces in Lougetown, the same place where Pirate King Gold D. Roger was executed years ago. A younger version of Smoker, played by Matthew Leck, was present at that historic event, and you can spot him in the Netflix show’s prologue. What makes Smoker unique among Marine captains is that, like Luffy, he has consumed a Devil Fruit. However, instead of gaining stretchy powers, Smoker can transform his body into pure smoke, using this ability to creatively defeat pirate troublemakers.

Smoker isn’t just a one-time obstacle for Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew. After their initial encounter, he becomes a relentless pursuer of the heroic pirates, even willing to follow them into the perilous waters of the Grand Line.

Straw Hat’s Sixth Crew Member Tony Tony Chopper

While Netflix’s One Piece Season 1 doesn’t directly hint at it, Season 2 is likely to introduce a beloved character to the Straw Hat crew – Tony Tony Chopper, an anthropomorphic reindeer who happens to be a doctor. Adapting Chopper for live-action is a challenge because, well, he’s a talking reindeer doctor, which is quite whimsical compared to what we’ve seen so far in the series. Additionally, he’ll probably be created using computer-generated effects in a show that relies mostly on practical effects.

Is it impossible to bring Chopper to life? No, but it’s definitely tricky. If done well, Tony Tony Chopper could become a lovable, cuddly creature much like Baby Yoda. But if not done right, it could end up looking unsettling. However, there’s a potential silver lining for Chopper’s live-action debut. Jamie Lee Curtis, an Academy Award-winning actress and a passionate One Piece fan, has shown interest in joining the cast as Chopper’s mentor, Kureha. It’s an opportunity Netflix shouldn’t miss.

One piece Season 2 Casts

Netflix’s live action One piece season 2 is likely to consists majority of characters which are already introduced in season 1. They are listed below;

One piece Season 1 Casts

Monkey D. Luffy: Iñaki Godoy

Nami: Emily Rudd portrays Nami, a highly self-reliant individual who also happens to be a skilled thief and cartographer. According to series co-creator Matt Owens, Nami plays the role of an older sister within the group, looking out for her younger brothers in the crew.

Sanji: Taz Skylar takes on the role of Sanji, a charismatic and stylish chef who aspires to discover the legendary All Blue, a place where fish from all four seas converge. Sanji is employed at the Baratie restaurant, working under the guidance of Chef Zeff.

Zoro: Mackenyu stars as Zoro, known as the “Pirate Hunter” who wields three swords. He is a loyal friend and wants to become the best swordsman in the world. Mackenyu says that, “Meeting Luffy is the biggest thing to ever happen to Zoro… though, of course, he’d never say that out loud.”

Usopp: Jacob Romero plays the character Usopp, who is not only a skilled sharpshooter but also a gifted storyteller, inheriting these traits from his father. Steven Maeda, one of the series co-creators, describes Usopp as “in many ways, the most relatable of the Straw Hats,” highlighting his relatable qualities. Romero also emphasizes Usopp’s inherent goodness and kindness, which resonated strongly with him as an actor.

Vice Admiral Garp: Vice Admiral Garp, known for catching Gold Roger, the Pirate King, is always after Luffy, attempting to prevent him from pursuing the One Piece treasure. Vincent Regan, known for roles in “Before We Die” and “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” portrays Garp. Additionally, Garp acts as a mentor for two young marines, Koby and Helmeppo.

Garp, Coby and helmeppo

Arlong: Arlong, the pirate wielding a saw shark sword, has a bounty of 20 million berries on his head. He’s backed by his own group, the Arlong Pirate Faction, and is portrayed by McKinley Belcher III. Arlong is a pirate who targets humans and aspires to become the most powerful figure in the world.

Buggy the Clown: Buggy, also known as the Captain of the Buggy Pirates, is a peculiar character with a red nose. Portrayed by Jeff Ward, he possesses the chop-chop fruit powers, allowing him to detach and manipulate his body parts with his mind. Buggy often dresses as a crazy clown and is known for his impulsive and lively temperament.

Shanks: Shanks, renowned as the Captain of the Red-Haired Pirates, takes on the role of a wise mentor to Luffy. Portrayed by Peter Gadiot, Shanks provides guidance to Luffy with patience and compassion, even though he himself has a staggering bounty of one billion berries on his head.

Gold D Roger, Shanks , Mihawk, Arlong

Dracule Mihawk: Steven Ward portrays the character Dracule Mihawk, who is often seen wearing a feathered hat and carrying a grosse messer sword at his side. Dracule Mihawk is a captivating swordsman with laser-like eyes, renowned as one of the world’s finest swordsmen. However, Zoro is determined to challenge Mihawk for the title of the greatest swordfighter.

Coby: The character Koby, played by Morgan Davies, is timid and uneasy character. He starts off as a crew member on Alvida’s ship Miss Love Duck. Despite the fact that the Marines are a group dedicated to eliminating pirates, Monkey D. Luffy urges him to follow his desire of joining them.

Helmeppo: Helmeppo, the son of Captain Axe Hand Morgan, tends to be spoiled and bratty, relying on his father’s authority to bail him out of trouble. However, when he becomes a member of the marines, he is compelled to put aside his childish behavior. Aidan Scott, known for roles in “The Kissing Booth 2” and “Action Point,” portrays Helmeppo. In the series, Helmeppo is a persistent rival of both Luffy and Koby.

The new casts for the season are to be officially revealed yet, but fan predictions along with their pictures by JUMP.D. BEAT are displayed below:

What do you think about these possible fan made casts for one piece season 2? Please comment down below!!!!!

In conclusion, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of “One Piece” Season 1 received a fantastic response, surprising fans and critics alike. With Season 2 on the horizon, fans eagerly await more pirate adventures. The potential storyline for Season 2 may delve into the Arabasta Saga, while introducing beloved characters like Tony Tony Chopper.

The cast, both confirmed and rumored, brings the iconic characters to life, promising an exciting continuation of the journey to find the One Piece treasure. However, the production of Season 2 depends on resolving the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Despite challenges, the live-action adaptation has earned its place in the hearts of both long-time fans and newcomers to the series, offering a fresh and engaging take on the beloved manga and anime.

FAQs about Netflix’s One Piece Season 2: Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Q1: When can we expect Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 to be released?

A1: Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 is anticipated to be released in late 2024 or early 2025, but an official release date has not been confirmed yet. The timeline depends on resolving the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Q2: What will be the focus of Season 2’s storyline?

A2: Season 2 is expected to explore the Arabasta Saga, where Luffy and his crew venture into the Grand Line and become entangled in helping a princess reclaim her homeland. This arc involves the mysterious criminal group Baroque Works.

Q3: Are there any new cast members for Season 2?

A3: While the majority of the Season 1 cast is expected to return for Season 2, there have been rumors about potential new cast members. However, official announcements are pending.

Q4: How has the live-action adaptation been received so far?

A4: Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece Season 1 received a positive response from fans and critics, with impressive viewership records and an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It has successfully captured the essence of the beloved anime and manga.

Q5: What about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike mentioned in the blog?

A5: The SAG-AFTRA strike is an ongoing labor dispute between the American actors’ union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). It began in July 2023. The strike has temporarily halted production on Netflix’s One Piece Season 2, but once resolved, production is expected to resume, and the new season could be ready within a year or up to 18 months.

Q6: Are there plans for a third season of Netflix’s One Piece?

A6: As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a third season. The focus is on Season 2, and any future plans would likely depend on the success of the series and audience demand.

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