Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 spoilers: Exclusive fan made raw scans

Welcome, Jujutsu Kaisen fans, to an exclusive sneak peek into the highly anticipated Chapter 238! Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-pumping journey as we delve into the world of sorcery, curses, and breathtaking battles. In this blog post, we’re about to unveil some thrilling fan-made raw scans and exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 238 spoilers that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 Spoilers-Fan made

This is one of the most intense fan made scans for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 238 spoilers. We all want this outcome but it all depends upon Gege Akutami ( Writer of Jujutsu kaisen). The JJK chapter 238 starts with Sukuna showing his new form and boasting on how he is too powerful for them.

Jujutsu kaisen chapter 238 starts with Sukuna showing his new form and boasting on how he is too powerful for them.
Sukuna Final form !

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 238 continues with the fight between Hakari and Uraume, who are both powerful sorcerers with mysterious abilities. Hakari is a former student of Jujutsu High who was suspended for his illegal activities, while Uraume is a cursed spirit who serves Sukuna, the King of Curses. 

jjk chapter 238 spoilers

Next panel of Jujutsu kaisen chapter 238 fan made shows Yuji Itadori, despite being the main protagonist of Jujutsu kaisen is always outlined in the story line. He is shadowed by other characters. Once again yuji is suggested to do nothing or he will die in fight against sukuna. It is the disrespect to the main protagonist of story.

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Yuji Itadori getting angry in Jujutsu kaisen chapter 238 spoilers

Yuji Itadori in jjk chapter 238 is now in a state of feeling alone, worthless, who can do nothing in the important situation. He questions himself, “why is everyone treating him like human, and can do nothing?” He thinks he does not deserve to be alive.

Yuji Itadori in jjk chapter 238 is furious

Next panel of jujutsu kasien chapter 238, Yuji Itadori’s soul reaching its final stage indicating some sort of power up as well all can speculate, now this is the time for the main character of series to boost up their power. Since Sukuna vs mahito is likely to end soon as Sukuna has revealed his final power in the starting of chapter 238, there must be next character ready to confront him and this is the chance were Yuji Itadori could shine.

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Yuiji is discouraged in the battlefield by mahito.

One of the major principle on which majority of anime runs is the situation that creates the breaking point for characters and they get evolved to new power, forms. Next panel of JJK chapter 238 shows exactly this principle being used. Mahito taunts Yuji saying you do not have any place in this battle field. You are weak. So run.

Yuji itadori shows his new form in chapter 238

Second last panel of JJK 238 starts with Yuji’s body getting twisted and we can see the caption which indicates that some thing is happening to Yujji Itadori’s body. There are many theories connecting Yuji to Sukuna. Some even says that Yuji is the descendent of Sukuna or even twin brother of Sukuna. It is all left in speculation for now.

Yuji Itadori unlocks new power and form in chapter 238

Final panel of the Jujutsu Kaien chapter 238 shows Yuji Itadori eyes glowing red and his menacing face. Is he ready to fight the king of curses sukuna? Is our Goat now ready to defeat the king? What might be yuji new powers? Do Yuji unlocks domain expansion?

These are all the questions to be answered soon. But for that we will have to wait for next chapter. Did you like these fan made spoilers of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 38?

If you have any theories and opinions regarding to these chapters, Feel free to comment. Best theory will be featured in upcoming posts with credits soon.

Yuji Itadori new power in JJK Chapter 238?

Yuji’s final power is still unknown, but there are some hints and theories about what it could be. One possibility is that Yuji has a Heavenly Restriction, which is a condition that grants someone a great power at the cost of something else1. Some fans think that Yuji’s Heavenly Restriction is his lack of cursed energy, which gives him his physical strength.

Another possibility is that Yuji has inherited some of the powers of his half-brothers, who are the Death Paintings. The Death Paintings are cursed wombs that contain the blood of Sukuna and humans. They can manifest as human-like beings with special abilities. Yuji’s half-brothers are Choso, Eso, and Kechizu, who have the powers of blood manipulation, wing creation, and acid secretion respectively. Yuji has eaten some of the Death Paintings’ fingers along with Sukuna’s fingers, which might have given him some of their powers.

JJK Chapter 237 recap

In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237, Hajime Kashimo made a bold move towards Sukuna, but his plans were disrupted by Uraume. Hakari Kinji stepped in to stop Uraume’s progress by using his Domain Expansion, even though Uraume was still descending on a massive block of ice.

We then learned that the purpose of this ice was to provide Sukuna with a powerful Cursed Tool called the Supreme Martial Solution. It was created through a Binding Vow by Yorozu, but its effectiveness relied on electricity, which Kashimo was immune to.

This sparked Kashimo’s curiosity, and he asked Sukuna about the nature of strength and whether it was a curse for the strong to live lonely lives always seeking more power. Sukuna compared Gojo to Kashimo and promised to reveal the answers through their upcoming battle.

As the chapter continued, Kashimo unleashed his impressive Mythical Beast Amber Cursed Technique, initially gaining the upper hand against Sukuna. However, it was soon revealed that Kashimo’s technique had a one-time use and posed a risk to his own health.

In the end, Sukuna underwent a transformation, returning to his original form to regenerate. This left Kashimo to face a rejuvenated and formidable Sukuna. The battle is heating up!

FAQ: Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 Spoilers and More

Q1: What can I expect from Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238?

A1: Chapter 238 kicks off with Sukuna revealing his formidable new form and boasting about his unmatched power. It features intense battles between powerful sorcerers Hakari and Uraume, and it also sheds light on the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, facing some personal challenges. This chapter sets the stage for some exciting developments.

Q2: What’s the deal with Yuji Itadori in this chapter?

A2: In this chapter, Yuji Itadori seems to be in a state of self-doubt and frustration. He questions his own worth and feels overshadowed by other characters. However, towards the end, there are hints that something significant is happening to Yuji’s powers, setting the stage for his potential resurgence.

Q3: What’s the significance of the ice and the Cursed Tool?

A3: The ice served as a means to provide Sukuna with a potent Cursed Tool called the Supreme Martial Solution. This powerful weapon was created through a Binding Vow but relied on electricity, which was ineffective against Kashimo. It played a crucial role in the unfolding events.

Q4: What’s happening with Sukuna and Kashimo’s battle?

A4: Kashimo initially had the upper hand with his Mythical Beast Amber Cursed Technique, but it was revealed that his technique had a one-time use and posed a risk to his own well-being. Sukuna then transformed to regenerate, leaving Kashimo to face a rejuvenated and formidable Sukuna.

Q5: What are the implications of Yuji’s transformation at the end?

A5: Yuji Itadori’s eyes glowing red and his menacing expression hint at a potential power-up or transformation. It’s an exciting development that suggests he might be ready to confront Sukuna. The specifics of his new powers and whether he unlocks domain expansion remain to be seen.

Q6: Are these spoilers official?

A6: No, these are fan-made spoilers and speculations based on the storyline and characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. The actual events in the upcoming chapters may differ, as it ultimately depends on the manga’s creator, Gege Akutami.

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