Exclusive Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Expect in 2024

Technology is always moving forward, and that means we can expect new gadgets every year. 2023 has already brought us some exciting ones, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the newest MacBooks with powerful M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. It’s safe to say that tech keeps getting better!

Just like every year, 2024 is gearing up to bring us a bunch of exciting new tech stuff. We’re talking about the potential for new game consoles from Nintendo and Lenovo, the surefire releases of smartphones like the iPhone 16 and Samsung Galaxy S24, and some cool new gadgets that could totally change how we use laptops and watch TV.

So, here are the Exclusive Top 10 tech gadgets we expect to see in 2024:

iPhone 16

Since the iPhone came out in 2007, it’s been a big hit and has influenced the whole industry. More than 15% of people use iPhones, and many folks eagerly wait for the new one each year. Apple released the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in late 2022, and now, we’re expecting the newest model to come out before this winter. But it’s not just the iPhone 15 that’s got people excited. There are already lots of rumors about the iPhone 16 and its different versions, which should come out around the end of 2024.

Even though Apple hasn’t officially released the iPhone 15 yet, there’s no official word from the company about what the 2024 iPhone might have. But people are talking, and the rumors are flying. Some folks think we might see bigger versions of the iPhone and even a new way to use Face ID that’s hidden under the screen. There’s also the idea that the iPhone 16 might have special buttons that don’t move, like for volume and turning it on and off.

There’s a big rumor going around that might make Apple fans think about waiting for the iPhone 16 instead of getting the iPhone 15. The rumor is about an iPhone 16 Ultra, which could be the most expensive one. This fancy version could have cool stuff that you won’t find in the other models. Some people are saying it might have a bigger screen, super powerful hardware, and a design that doesn’t need any ports for charging. If all these things happen, the iPhone 16 could be one of the top 10 tech gadgets that we have been waiting for in year 2024.

PHOLED televisions

PHOLED televisions

In the past ten years, TVs have gotten way better thanks to new technology. We now have HD screens and super sharp 4K displays that show stuff in really high resolution, like 3840 x 2160 pixels. But here’s the thing: even though 4K is pretty common now with streaming, TV, and gaming, not many people are rushing to get 8K TVs. It seems like folks are looking for something different and exciting in the world of TVs.

Lots of people prefer OLED TVs now, but in 2024, things could get even better with a new technology called PHOLED. Big companies like LG and Samsung are working on PHOLED TVs, and others will probably do it too. PHOLED, short for “phosphorescent organic light emitting diode,” is a different way to make TVs. Instead of using the usual fluorescent parts, it uses phosphorescent ones. This makes the TV use less energy but still look super bright and colorful.

A lot of OLED TVs already use some phosphorescent subpixels, but making the blue phosphorescent subpixels has been a challenge. But now, a company called Universal Display Corporation says they can make a bunch of it, so TV makers might start creating full PHOLED TVs. That’s good news for us because it could mean we use less energy and get even brighter TV screens, which is awesome!. Hence it is next top 10 tech gadget likely to make our new year brighter.

Thinner and faster compact laptops

Thinner and faster compact laptops

Laptops have become a big part of how people work, especially because they let us work from home. Laptops are great because we can use them while sitting comfortably, not just at a desk like regular computers. Plus, we can take them with us. And the best part is, laptops are smaller and lighter than desktop computers, which makes them easy to carry around. In 2024, laptops might get even smaller and faster, so that’s something to look forward to!

Dell is working on a new kind of memory for laptops. Most laptops use something called SO-DIMM for memory, but Dell is making something different called the Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM). They got the thumbs-up from JEDEC, a trade standards group, so CAMM might become more common in the next year. That’s good news for us laptop users!

SO-DIMM memory might not get much faster in the future, but CAMM can be a lot faster because of how it’s made. Also, CAMM memory is smaller, so laptops can be thinner and not as bulky because they don’t need to stack things up to work. Some laptops already have CAMM memory, but you’ll probably see it in more laptops in 2024.

Nintendo’s new console

Nintendo's new console 2024

The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for the company from Japan, no matter what you think about it. It first came out in 2017, and there are lots of different versions of it now. It’s even the third-best selling console ever, with over 125 million sold. But in 2024, the Switch will be seven years old, and it’s not as powerful as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. So, it looks like next year could be just the right time for Nintendo to release a new console.

There are some strong hints that the next version of the Switch might come out in 2024. Sources have told VGC that they’ve sent development kits for the new console to some game studios. But it’s probably going to come out closer to the end of the year rather than the beginning. They want to make sure they can make enough consoles to meet the demand.

Nintendo is keeping quiet, like they always do, about their new console. We don’t know much about it yet. But it seems like they’ll stick with the idea of the console being able to be played on a TV or as a handheld. Some reports say it will have an LCD screen and still use game cartridges.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung is Apple’s biggest rival when it comes to phones, especially with their fancy Galaxy S series. But just like Apple, Samsung hasn’t spilled the beans on what the new phone will be like. One thing that seems likely is that it will come out in early 2024. Samsung usually releases their top Galaxy S phones in January or February these days, so the Galaxy S24 will probably follow that same schedule.

So, if you’re eager to get the newest Samsung phone, you won’t have to wait too long. Just like before, there will probably be a regular version, a Plus model, and an Ultra version for people who want even more power. But it looks like the screen size and the design with the floating camera that we saw in the Galaxy S23 might not change for the new one.

People are saying that the Galaxy S24 might come with a bigger battery. That’s good because it will take more time to charge, but it should also last longer between charges. And for the Ultra model, it might have a super bright screen with 2,800 nits, which is really impressive.

A cheaper Meta VR headset

Virtual reality is getting more and more popular, and big companies like Meta, PlayStation, Valve, and HTC are all making VR headsets. These headsets are really cool, and they’re going to get even better in the future. But there’s a big problem: they can be really expensive. Even the cheapest ones can cost a few hundred dollars, and you might need more expensive hardware and software to use them properly. That makes it hard for a lot of people to try out virtual reality.

But things might change in 2024. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has a big plan for virtual reality. They want to make a cheaper VR headset in 2024. They’re calling it Ventura, and it’s like a Quest 3 Lite. It won’t cost as much, and people who really like VR and professionals can still get the fancier and more expensive ones with better specs.

Mark Rabki, who is the Vice President of VR at Meta, has a clear goal for this VR headset. He said in a memo to his team, “Our goal for this headset is straightforward: give the most value for the price in the VR market.”

Apple Watch X

Apple Watch X top 10 tech gadgets

Smartwatches are a great way to stay healthy and fit. There are lots of them from different companies like FitBit, Garmin, and Google’s Pixel. They can do all sorts of things, like counting your steps, checking your heart rate, and even telling you about your sleep and menstrual cycle. The Apple Watch is one of the best, and they’ve sold more than 100 million of them since 2015.

While the 2023 Series 9 release may not bring significant changes, tech enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the Series X Apple Watch, expected to launch in 2024. This upcoming model promises a major overhaul with several potential upgrades. These include a microLED screen, which offers improved brightness and vibrancy while being lighter and thinner. Moreover, the Series X may introduce a blood pressure monitor, a first for Apple Watches. For those considering an upgrade or getting their first Apple Watch, waiting for the Series X could be a wise choice.

Always Home Drone Camera from Ring

Always Home Drone Camera from Ring. Top 10 Tech Gadgets We're Looking Forward To Most In 2024

The smart home revolution is in full swing, with various household devices offering additional features beyond their primary functions and being interconnected for remote control from anywhere. Ring was an early pioneer with its video doorbells, allowing users to see and communicate with visitors through a two-way video system. In 2024, Ring is gearing up to release the Always Home Cam, a new device that extends their smart home lineup.

The Always Home Cam by Ring, priced at $250, offers customers an autonomous drone that functions as a home security system. Equipped with lidar sensors to map your home, it can autonomously navigate predefined paths to ensure no unauthorized individuals are inside. The drone’s camera provides live feeds from various rooms as it moves, allowing users to check for any left-on appliances or misplaced items. Ring recommends using it in conjunction with their alarm system to enhance home security and protect against potential threats.

The drone camera was initially unveiled in 2021 with an expected launch in the same year. However, it has faced several delays and is yet to hit store shelves. It appears that a 2024 release is now the most likely option for this innovative device.

Wireless hi-res UWB headphones

Wireless hi-res UWB headphones

Wireless headphones have gained immense popularity in recent years. They provide users with the freedom to move around without tangled wires, enabling them to enjoy music without being tethered to their devices. Furthermore, as many smartphones no longer include AUX ports, the trend is leaning towards wireless headphones and earbuds like AirPods, making them a dominant choice in the audio accessory market.

Bluetooth headphones have historically faced challenges in matching the audio quality of wired counterparts. However, in 2024, a significant change is expected with the introduction of ultra-wideband (UWB) headphones. Unlike Bluetooth, UWB technology enables headphones to deliver high-resolution, lossless audio at rates of up to 24-bit/192 kilohertz. While UWB connections may have limited connectivity ranges, they consume significantly less energy, potentially extending the battery life of headphones beyond current capabilities. This advancement could revolutionize the audio experience for headphone users.

PSB Speaker’s collaboration with MQA and Sonical to launch the first UWB (ultra-wideband) speakers in the first quarter of 2024 is a significant development. This innovation is expected to set the stage for more UWB speaker releases from various manufacturers in the coming months, offering consumers access to high-quality, lossless audio experiences with improved energy efficiency.

Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo Legion Go

The immense success of the Nintendo Switch demonstrated a significant demand for portable handheld gaming systems. This success has prompted other companies, like Valve with its Steam Deck, to introduce similar devices. In 2024, gamers can expect to have even more options for playing games on the go, with several new portable PC gaming systems in development. One of the most eagerly anticipated devices is the Legion Go from Lenovo.

Lenovo has yet to officially confirm the existence of the Legion Go, but there have been numerous leaks and rumors circulating about the product in recent months. One noteworthy leak indicates that the device will feature a 16:10 aspect ratio and provide a resolution of 1600p, which is a substantial improvement in display quality compared to other handheld gaming PC hardware like the Steam Deck. Additionally, reports suggest that the Legion Go will be powered by the same chip found in Asus’ ROG Ally, the AMD custom Z1 Phoenix chip. Leaked images have also hinted at the device having detachable controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

The exact release date for the Lenovo Legion Go remains unconfirmed, but 2024 appears to be a reasonable expectation. Given the enhanced specifications compared to the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, it’s possible that the Legion Go could be priced higher than both of those alternatives when it eventually becomes available.

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FAQs: The Top 10 Tech Gadgets to Expect in 2024

  1. What can we expect in the tech world in 2024? In 2024, there are exciting developments on the horizon across various tech categories, including smartphones, TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, and more.
  2. What’s the latest on the iPhone front? Apple is gearing up for the release of the iPhone 15, with rumors of larger versions and under-display Face ID. But even more exciting is the anticipation for the iPhone 16, expected later in the year, with potential features like solid-state buttons.
  3. Are there any ultra versions of the iPhone in the works? Yes, there are rumors of an iPhone 16 Ultra, featuring a larger screen, more powerful hardware, and a design without charging ports, making it a standout option.
  4. What’s happening in the TV world? 8K TVs have been slow to catch on, but in 2024, PHOLED technology may revolutionize OLED screens, making them more energy-efficient and vibrant. Blue phosphorescent material advancements could also lead to brighter and more efficient displays.
  5. Tell me more about CAMM memory for laptops. CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module) memory is poised to replace SO-DIMM memory in laptops, offering higher speeds and compact designs. Expect to see more laptops featuring CAMM memory in 2024.
  6. Is Nintendo launching a new gaming console? While there’s no official confirmation, there are strong indications that Nintendo might release a successor to the Nintendo Switch in 2024, bringing new gaming experiences.
  7. What’s the buzz about Meta’s VR headset Ventura? Meta is planning to release Ventura, a more affordable VR headset, in 2024, aimed at bridging the gap between budget and high-end models. This move is part of Meta’s strategy to make VR more accessible.
  8. What’s new in the world of smartwatches, particularly Apple Watch? While the 2023 Series 9 Apple Watch might not see significant changes, the Series X Apple Watch, expected in 2024, promises major upgrades, including a microLED screen and possibly a blood pressure monitor.
  9. Tell me about Ring’s Always Home Cam. Ring’s Always Home Cam is an autonomous drone designed for home security, set to launch in 2024. It offers live feeds of different rooms and can work alongside Ring’s alarm system.
  10. What’s the deal with ultra-wideband (UWB) headphones? UWB headphones, set to arrive in 2024, aim to provide superior audio quality compared to Bluetooth, offering lossless sound at high resolutions. Expect to see these headphones become more common, promising better sound experiences.

These FAQs cover the exciting tech gadgets and developments expected in 2024, from smartphones and TVs to laptops, gaming consoles, VR headsets, smartwatches, and headphones. Stay tuned for more details as these innovations unfold.

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