Unleashing Excitement: The Arrival of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Facelift in Australia

2024 Tesla Model 3 electric car facelift

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 facelift has finally been revealed in Australia, following months of anticipation and leaks. This update marks the most significant change to the Model 3, Tesla’s best-selling car in Australia, since it first hit US showrooms in 2017 and arrived Down Under in 2019.

What’s new? Well, you can expect a fresh exterior look, improved interiors with new seats and trims, and everyone gets more range on a single charge.

But, here’s the catch – prices have gone up a bit. The base rear-wheel-drive model now starts at $61,900 plus on-road costs, which is a bit higher than the previous $61,300. The Long Range version is now priced at $71,900 plus on-road costs, up by $1500.

You can place your orders for the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 in Australia right now through their website. They plan to start delivering the cars between January and March 2024, but that might change if there are any delays.

Now, there are two models to choose from: the regular Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and the all-wheel-drive Long Range version.

Here’s the thing: They haven’t mentioned anything about the high-performance Performance model in their launch info. We’re not sure if it’s gone for good or if it might come back later.

One cool thing to note is that all the models can go farther on a single charge thanks to some design improvements. They’ve made the car super aerodynamic, which means it doesn’t need as much energy to run. In fact, the base model is one of the most energy-efficient cars in the world, using just 13.2 kWh for every 100 kilometers it drives.

On the Tesla Australia website, they say that the new 2024 Tesla Model 3 can travel a bit further on a single charge. They claim it’s now 513 kilometers for the regular one and 629 kilometers for the Long Range version. The old Performance model used to go 547 kilometers on a charge.

Interestingly, these numbers in Australia are for cars with 18-inch and 19-inch wheels. In Europe, they only apply to cars with 19-inch wheels. Over there, they say the regular one can go 554 kilometers, and the Long Range can go 678 kilometers with 18-inch wheels.

When it comes to speed, the acceleration hasn’t changed. The regular Model 3 takes about 6.1 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, and the Long Range does it in 4.4 seconds. But the top speed has gone down a bit. It used to be 225 km/h for the regular one and 233 km/h for the Long Range. Now, they both top out at 201 km/h.

Tesla doesn’t tell us exactly how big the batteries are or how powerful the motors are, and it doesn’t seem like there have been any changes in that department.

The outside of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 got a makeover, and you’ll notice some big changes. Up front, there are new slimmer LED headlights that take inspiration from the sporty Roadster concept. The front bumper is simpler now and has a different air intake design.

You can also choose from two new wheel designs: the 18-inch Photon or the 19-inch Nova alloy wheels. At the back, they’ve changed the LED tail-lights, and now they kind of look like a ‘C’ shape. The rear bumper is restyled, and it’s got a cool diffuser, like what you’d see on the Model S.

And guess what? They’ve added two new colors to the lineup – Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. The updated model is also a bit longer, about 25 millimeters longer from one end to the other compared to the older one.

According to reports, Tesla claims they’ve made the car quieter. They say there’s 30 percent less noise from the wind, 25 percent less noise from the suspension, and 20 percent less noise from the road. They did this by adding special glass to the rear windows (in addition to the front ones and the windshield), and they put in more stuff to block out sound.

It’s also said that Tesla worked on the car’s suspension, using new springs and shock absorbers. They’ve also got new tires that make the ride smoother.

There might be some better cameras for the driver-assistance stuff, but we’re not sure about that just yet.

2024 Tesla Model 3 electric car interior photo
2024 Tesla Model 3 electric car interior

There’s a big screen in the middle, inside the care and now it’s a bit bigger at 15.4 inches, up from the old 15 inches. It’s got special software made by Tesla, but it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Something you might notice is that there’s no screen right in front of the driver to show things like how fast you’re going. Instead, everything you need is on that big screen in the middle. They made the screen brighter and the edges around it are thinner.

They changed the way you pick gears too. Instead of a lever, there’s a slider on the screen to choose Drive, Reverse, or Park. And the buttons for the turn signals are now on the steering wheel and work when you touch them, instead of being on a stick.

There have been some big changes, inside the car. The seats up front are all new and are covered in synthetic leather that looks like the real thing. These seats can move in all sorts of ways, they can warm up, and for the first time ever, they can even cool you down.

The dashboard, the part in front of the driver, and the center console where the screen is have been redesigned. They’ve also added some cool colored lights inside the car, so it’s not boring in there.

If you go for the Long Range version, you’ll get a sound system with 17 speakers, which is three more than before. Plus, there are two subwoofers and two amplifiers for some serious music power. The regular one has nine speakers and one amplifier.

Now, here’s something neat for the folks in the back seat. There’s a touchscreen right in the back of the front center console, just like the bigger Model S has.

When you buy the car, you can pick between black or white seats. But if you go for black seats, they don’t have the fake wood trim on the dashboard anymore. They use fabric trim instead.

The first Model 3 cars for Australia will arrive early in 2024, and they’re already making them in China for countries where people drive on the left side of the road.

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Frequently asked questions about 2024 Tesla Model 3

Q1: What are the major changes to the interior of the 2024 Tesla Model 3?

  • A1: The 2024 Model 3 features redesigned front seats with synthetic leather-look upholstery, offering power adjustment, heating, and for the first time, cooling. The dashboard, center console, and door cards have new designs, and ambient multi-color lighting is integrated into the dashboard and doors.

Q2: How has the sound system been upgraded in the Long Range Model 3?

  • A2: Long Range models now come equipped with a 17-speaker sound system, which is an improvement with three additional speakers compared to the previous model. This system also includes two subwoofers and two amplifiers. The Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) version has nine speakers and one amplifier.

Q3: Are there rear-seat entertainment features in the 2024 Tesla Model 3?

  • A3: Yes, rear-seat passengers now have access to a touchscreen in the back of the front center console, similar to the larger Model S sedan, providing entertainment and control options.

Q4: Can buyers still choose between different upholstery options for the 2024 Tesla Model 3?

  • A4: Yes, buyers can continue to select between black or white upholstery. However, the faux wood trim on the dashboard, previously available with black seats, has been replaced with fabric dashboard trim.

Q5: When can we expect the first deliveries of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 in Australia?

  • A5: The initial deliveries of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 in Australia are scheduled for early 2024. Production is already underway in China to serve left-hand-drive markets.

These FAQs cover key information about the interior upgrades, sound system, rear-seat features, upholstery choices, and delivery timeline for the 2024 Tesla Model 3 in Australia.

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