Famous Happy Birthday: Sept. 13 – 20

September 13 – 20 has seen the birth day of some truly remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on history. In this blog post, we will show the famous names who share their birthdays on this special date in various years. Join us as we delve into the name of these exceptional individuals on the world.

Sept. 13: George Lamar Morton, Mary Frank Meredith, Edward Wise, Mrs. Wiley Thaxton, Ted Daniel Norris, E.P. Colwell Jr., David Allison Hardy, Mrs. John M. Lawton, Michael Howell, Billy Glidewell, Karen Baldwin, Lisa Weldon, David Collins, Janice Meredith, Al Cook, Denise N. Washington, Susan Luckie, Faye Stodghill, Timothy Rogers, Allen Whitaker, Sarah Ashley Andrews, Sarah Ashley Andrews.

Famous Happy Birthday: Sept. 13 - 20

Sept. 14: Hugh Lee O’Neal, Jesse Barnes Jr., Douglas Coleman, H.R. Collins, Michael Hodges, Robin T. Allen, Mrs. W.C. Barr, Karen C. Costea, Doug Durrett II, Earl Hurst, Laura W. English, Cheryl Stone, Cora L. Dunn.

Sept. 15: Roland Wilson Byrd, Clem Towles Wilson, Mrs. Robert Coogler, Billy Cook, Mrs. Gary Pecht, Debbie J. Herbert, Mrs. Glenda Jackson, Alice Marie Moore, Mildred Stodghill, Tammy Hensley, Rick Nail, Shaina Deon Head, Jasmine Head.

Sept. 16: Johnny Mackey, Randolph Long, Ed Jones, Andrelyn Cook Kersey, Carole Lunsford, Tina Meg Williams, Mrs. Bruce Williams, Mary Jeanette Brooks, Ronald Scott Cook, Mrs. Neil Jordan, Sandra H. Thurston, Randy Brown, Bridgette Denise Waring, Stephanie Nichole Welch, Judy Ayers Purvis, Jermarcus Johnson, Katherina Alexander, Tyler Campbell, Cecily Ann Boes, Eron Bennett, Lisa Simmons.

Sept. 17: Clay Brooks, Palmer Jolly, Robert Larry Whidby, Mrs. Max Pea, Stewart Maddox, Tommy Fletcher, J.W. O’Neal III, Mrs. Dewey Nicholson, Teresa Rodda, Jeffery Scott Lewis, Michael Scott Carpenter, Jimmy Kent Jr., Lisa W. Andrews, Kelly Yielding.

Sept. 18: Lee Durant Dempsey, Scott Coleman, Mrs. Sanders Cawthon, Charles E. Rooks Jr., Lynda Caldwell, Herbert Young, June Gray Fuss, Terri Bachelor, Gloria Barnes, Brittany Cannon Whitaker, Vincent Durelle Lawrence II, Crystal Shields, Aaron Scott Farmer.

Sept. 19: Judy Ann Kent, Lynda Jean Parrish, Rebecca Glidewell, Nancy Ann Haley, Lyn Holston, Mary Dianne Harris Williams, Allisa Robertson Hoard, Mrs. Arthur Gilmore, Mrs. Sandra Sullivan, Robert P. Fridell, Tommy Powell, Mrs. Stella Terrell, Richie Rodda, Mrs. John L. Carter, Melissa Tallman, Scott Norsworthy, Charles Travis Allen, Marsha Cantrell.

Sept. 20: J.G. Harmon, Vivian Boswell, Josephine Harper, Gigi Leverette Hoard, Andy Ray, Michael Lee Jones, Ronnie Etheridge, Mrs. Dennis Kitchens, Douglas Richard Ballard Jr., Kathy Russell, Robin Reeves, Andy James, Kathryn W. Kinard, Pam Greer Crowder, Caryn P. Watts, Ty Hicks.

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Editor’s Note: If you are aware of anyone on this list who has passed away or no longer wants their birthday to be mentioned, please inform us by sending an email to alice.queen@rockdalecitizen.com. Make sure to include the individual’s birthdate in your message.

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